2019年2月25日 星期一 至2月27日星期三 10:00-12:30; 2:00-5:30 三天的演講與hands-on workshop,將現在最熱門的隱形矯正,從最基礎的 ortho foundamental 開始,一步一步地建立完整的 ortho 概念,然後再來進入 Aligner 的世界。對於未曾踏入 ortho 的廣大 GP 或是其他專科而言,這毋寧是一個開始的契機。
講師 Dr. Gong 中英文俱佳,除了有完整的 ortho training background 外,在美國有自己的專科診所與其他合作診所,更重要的是在其中三家診所是完全以 Invisalign Aligner 來做治療。相信 Dr. Gong 的寶貴經驗能帶給大家不同深度的理解與應用,也期望大家能將所學發揮到 daily practice


Dr. Jean Gong received her DMD from Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 2003. She received her certificate in orthodontics from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2005. She was also involved in teaching and research in Columbia University College of Dental Medicine between 2005-2007. She has been practicing orthodontics since 2005 in New Jersey and has extensive surgical orthodontic experience in treating children and adults with dentofacial deformities in conjunction with orthognathic surgery. Dr. Gong is also a gold plus Invisalign provider. 

Dr. Jean Gong is also an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists and American Dental Association. She also remains active with the Columbia Orthodontic Alumni Society where she served as the past president.


Day 1.  
Evaluation and Diagnosis 
1. Patient medical history evaluation: diseases have impacts  on the orthodontic treatment
2. Dental history and malocclusion evaluation in early mixed dentition 
   • terminology 
   • problems to watch for in early mixed dentition 
3. Dental history and malocclusion evaluation in growing and adult dentition 
    • Problems to watch for in teenager and adult patients 
    • Malocclusion grading system 
    • How to use the Malocclusion grading system to differentiate mild, moderate, severe and surgical cases in traditional 
       braces and Invisalign treatment
4.  Records and Xrays 
     • How to interpret the panoramic and cephalometric radiograph in an easy way 
Treatment plan 
1. Interceptive treatment 
     • anterior crossbite
     • posterior crossbite 
     • space maintenance 
     • anterior open bite 
     • deep bite 
     • mandibular crowding 
     • habit control 
     • dental trauma
     • problems related to impacted canines 
     • problems related to the eruption of teeth
2. Introducing Invisalign treatment 
     • how to submit a case
     • how to set up the clincheck preference 
     * Invisalign case setting up
3. Comprehensive treatment plan ( mild malocclusions) in Invisalign 
        • mild crowding
        • spacing 
        • peg lateral treatment( preparing  for veneer )
        • diastema 
        • class I deep bite 
        • narrow arch treatment 
        •Restoring fractured teeth to the proper length
        •Extruding teeth for crowns instead of crown lengthening 
        •Uprighting molars for proper bridge or implant placement and correcting a vertical bone defect
     1. How to submit a treatment plan step by step  in Invisalign
     2. How to add attachments, power ridges 
     3. How to do IPR
     4. Hands on: intraoral scanning & clincheck workup
     5. How to evaluate and modify the clinchecks




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